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Trains in Spain. Local national and international train bookings

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RENFE is the state-owned operator of the Spanish train network. Currently substantial investment is being made in extending the high speed train routes in Spain, whilst the main cities have local networks connecting the smaller towns and villages.

The trains in Spain can be rather confusing. There are several different types, and for the purpose of buying tickets it is useful to have a basic understanding of these:

  • Talgos - are the fast trains stopping at the major cities only
  • Rapidos - are regular, daytime long-distance inter-regional trains
  • Estrellas - are the night time version of Rapidos
  • Cercanias - are local commuter trains.

In addition there are a number of specially named trains:

  • Alvia is a new high speed train operating between Madrid Zaragoza Barcelona
  • Ave trains run at up to 186 mph on the routes: Madrid Cordoba -Sevilla, Madrid - Zaragoza - Huesca and Madrid Camp de Tarragona
  • Euromed trains run at 124 mph (200 km/h) from Barcelona to Valencia and Alicante
  • Arco trains run at 124 mph from Port Bou to Valencia, and from Barcelona to Alicante and Murcia
  • Alaris high-speed trains run at 124 mph from Madrid to Valencia in three and a half hours
  • Altaria trains run at 124 mph on the following routes: Madrid Alicante/ Algeciras/ Barcelona/ Cadiz/ Huelva/ Pamplona

Trains in Spain also offer international connections to neighbouring countries, such as the Elipsos overnight HotelTrain between both Madrid and Barcelona and Paris, as well as trains to the South of France.

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