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Trains in Europe - Inter Rail Passes

InterRail passes travel information and booking

The InterRail Pass allows you to travel through 30 countries on Europe's modern and well-integrated rail services. Rail travel is a great way to discover Europe. Grown-ups can go too! There are passes for those aged 25 and under and another pass for any age over 25.

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InterRail passes are fantastic value when travelling by train around Europe.

  • Plan your own itinerary. Travel around just one country on a One Country InterRail pass, or as many as you like with the InterRail Global pass.
  • Over 30 countries in Europe and North Africa in the InterRail network.
  • Choose your travel times. Flexi options let you travel for a certain number of days in a month, or continuous options allow daily travel throughout the duration of the Interrail pass.
  • Choose the level of comfort you prefer. Adults can now opt for first class InterRail travel passes.
  • InterRailing is for adults with no upper age limit for adult inter rail passes which offer huge savings on normal ticket prices.
  • InterRailing is for young people. If you are 25 or under you can travel on a young person's pass, offering substantial savings.

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